May 242012

Evaluation of the pattern of human albumin utilization at a university affiliated hospital.

Arch Iran Med. 2012 Feb;15(2):85-7

Authors: Talasaz AH, Jahangard-Rafsanjani Z, Ziaie S, Fahimi F

BACKGROUND: Albumin is a protein colloidal solution that possesses great value in the clinic, particularly for the resuscitation of critically ill patients. It has accounted for a high percentage of the cost in our center. This study evaluates the appropriateness of albumin usage at Masih Daneshvari Hospital, Tehran, Iran.
METHODS: This study evaluated 69 patient charts. Data included patient demographics, ward of admission, primary reasons for prescribing albumin, and details of albumin use. Possible correlations between the appropriateness of albumin usage, the number of albumin vials, and mortality rate were analyzed.
RESULTS: Albumin was prescribed appropriately in 63.8% of patients. Cardiac surgery accounted for 37.3% of all indications. The most prevalent inappropriate indication of albumin was for mild hypoalbuminemia and nutritional support. There was a significant correlation between the number of used albumin vials and mortality rate. In conclusion, the albumin use in Masih Daneshvari Hospital was not completely in accordance with the accredited references.
CONCLUSION: Albumin is an expensive medication prescribed unnecessarily for many patients. Using the clinical pharmacist's prepared guideline could minimize the situations where its administration is not needed.

PMID: 22292577 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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