Mar 012012

Usefulness of corticosteroid therapy during chronic disseminated candidiasis: case reports and literature review.

J Antimicrob Chemother. 2012 Feb 27;

Authors: Chaussade H, Bastides F, Lissandre S, Blouin P, Bailly E, Chandenier J, Gyan E, Bernard L

OBJECTIVES: Chronic disseminated candidiasis (CDC) is a disseminated fungal infection that is frequently seen in patients undergoing intensive treatment of haematological malignancies. The first signs of CDC appear during neutrophil recovery. Clinical and physiopathological characteristics of CDC suggest it belongs to the spectrum of fungus-related immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS). We report five cases of CDC treated with antifungal therapy and adjuvant corticosteroids to decrease the exacerbated inflammatory response. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective study in the Haematology Department of the University Hospital of Tours, France. The five reported cases were treated for CDC with antifungal therapy and adjuvant corticosteroids. RESULTS: Of the five cases of CDC, one was proven and four were possible, according to the 2008 European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) classification. All patients were being treated for acute leukaemia. In all cases, symptoms disappeared 2.8 days (range, 1-7) after the beginning of adjunctive corticosteroid therapy. Corticosteroids were administered on average for 146 days (range, 4 weeks-1 year) and antifungal therapy was administered for the duration of chemotherapy consolidation. There was no exacerbation of CDC symptoms during the next round of chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation. One patient died from relapse of leukaemia. CONCLUSIONS: Within the framework of IRIS, adjuvant corticosteroid therapy could rapidly improve CDC symptoms and allow continued chemotherapy without delay and without compromising the haematological prognosis.

PMID: 22374323 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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