Oct 032011

Approach to patients with implanted pacemaker and scheduled surgical or diagnostic procedure.

Acta Chir Iugosl. 2011;58(2):25-9

Authors: Pavlovi? S, Milasinovi? G, Zivkovi? M

Application of cardiac electrostimulation in strictly defined indications has been on the increase over the last few decades. Frequent use of this therapy as well as the fact that it is applied predominantly in patients in the seventh decade of life, implies possible signifficant comorbidities and need for various diagnostic and surgical procedures. These are the reasons we decided to point out certain specific features in approaching this patient group in preparation and implementation of these procedures. Preoperative approach starts with usual patient history, with additional information on the type of pacemaker, last pacemaker check and electrocardiogram. This general approach is not substantialy different for pacemaker or ICD patients. What is specific is the possible interferrence caused by devices used in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures (diathermy, lithotripsy). Complications that may arise are usually related to the underlying disease rather than the pacemaker malfunction, but still, careful approach and pacemaker check are warranted, especially in the group marked as "pacemaker dependent". Adequate preoperative assessment, only slightly different from the usual, represents a sufficient guarantee for safe procedures diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical.

PMID: 21879647 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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